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“I highly recommend Michele Smith for executive coaching, team coaching, strategy development, team building and development and process improvement. I worked with her at Sutter for 5 years and had multiple opportunities to work with her. I am extremely excited to see the launch of her company, Better Possibilities and recommend her highly for any of the critical work outlined above. Her ability to impact culture through leader development is simply transformative. What could be more key?”

Trina White MBA, MSPT, FACHE, FACMPE, Chief Executive Officer

“Michele has been an excellent role model, coach and source of support. Michele helped me understand important aspects of the business and its role in the hospital. Michele also coached me as I navigated challenging employees and relationships using concepts from crucial conversations with success and positive outcomes. Growth and professional development is an important aspect of any career. Michele continues to be an essential part of my growth and development as a nurse leader as her guidance has assisted me in making pivotal changes in my leadership practice. I would recommend her as a coach to any leader at any point in their career.”

Tanzaneka Buckor MHI,BSN,RN,ACHE, Chief Nursing Officer

“Michele played an integral role in supporting the change initiative, including communications, facilitating on-site leadership workshops, and ongoing coaching support for people leaders. I highly recommend Michele as a trusted partner to support organizational strategic direction, especially including change management. Michele jumped in and started facilitating a Heart of Change, DISC assessments, and overall meeting agendas for senior leaders within the Enterprise Business Operations division of Centene. Michele is a top-notch collaborator across different functions and leadership tiers. She walks a team through the necessary preparations to assure a successful event and outcome. I am most impressed by Michele’s intuition and instincts to pivot during an event when new information is presented or leadership presents a required change. I personally observed Michele successfully rework a half-day agenda and activities during a 20-minute lunch break and stayed cool as a cucumber!”   

Dee Kohler, Director of Contact Center Operations at Centene Corporation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michele on a number of occasions and she has consistently proven to be a great support and leadership thought partner. Several years ago I was tasked with changing the perception of “disjointed service” many of our internal clients had. In short we worked within a department that had multiple client service verticals all acting independently as they serviced the customer. Because the teams didn’t work in an integrated fashion the impact was a disjointed service experience for the customer and at times even conflicting efforts among the team. After consulting with Michele, we decided to formalize a process for attaining feedback from customers, conduct focus groups with employees, and develop a tiger team of high performing employees work on several projects that would integrate the processes and systems needed to change customer experience. Michele not only helped me as a thought partner, but she also rolled up her sleeves to help me to execute. Ultimately, we were able to measure a positive change in the customer experience rates as well as employee engagement scores rose as we successfully executed.”

Christopher Henry, SVP Global Talent Management – Bath & Body Works

“We have frequently engaged Michele for her expertise in leadership and managing change to support our national conference, public workshop offerings, and customized on-site delivery for customers. In our work, the focus is on building internal capability for the organizations we serve. As a faculty member and presenter, Michele consistently earns high marks from participants for her engaging style. Our customers appreciate her ability to deliver a combination of instruction, sharing practical tools for application, and engaging participants in activities to illustrate complex concepts to support sustained learning. She inspires participants to take action both individually and in their organizations. Michele consistently demonstrates exceptional commitment to the customer’s experience, passion in her teaching, and expertise in helping others develop the skills and habits needed to navigate change well in their organization.”

Karen Flom, Program Director – Education, Catalysis

“Michele brings a wealth of knowledge with her having worked in many leadership roles over her career. She can fully assist with developing all leadership competencies including leadership development plans, conflict resolution, strategy, and goal development. As I reflect on the year we spent together, I consider Michele my coach, mentor, at times my therapist or psychologist, and lastly my friend.”   

Eric Clement, Manager at Minnesota Power

“Michele was an excellent coach who was able to help me discern where I could benefit from coaching and then flex her approach based on the evolution of my needs during the coaching period. Always friendly and encouraging, yet able to provide coaching whenever it was needed. Our sessions were always constructive and gave me valuable food for thought and reflection. I looked forward to each session and will miss the engagement and development she provided.”

Rod Hughes, Global Account Manager at Edwards

“The ADKAR course and Becoming the Leader you want to be were excellent. It really brings everything together for leaders as they work through change within their organizations. Michelle is a fantastic trainer that keeps the group engaged. Her real life experience with this work really shows through in the training.”

Terrie Huddleston, PMO Director at Blanchard Valley Health System

“Michele is a thought partner, coach and colleague whose passion of service, delivered with quality, excellence, dedication and integrity that is visible in all she does. Michele supported my team of 100+ members i change exercises with the use of the Prosci, ADKAR model. The sessions provided by Michele, over a series of years and alignments never missed the mark for my team and always aligned to the goals and values of the organization.”   

Sheila Cook, System Director at Sutter Health

“Michele has an innate gift in developing and pulling out your best leadership potential. She thoroughly listens and provides very specific feedback, giving an honest yet professional perspective that can change where you apply your energy, re-evaluate what is MOST important to you, and change the game for you. This happened for me within a week of working with her and I feel very fortunate to continue working with her. I’m appreciative of her accessibility, her thoughtfulness, and her deep experience in both healthcare business leadership and within the coaching and developing realm.”

Sheng McCauley, MBA, Director – Decision Support & Finance

“Have you ever met a person who just always knows the right thing to say, or always has a tool or story to help you? That’s Michele. Michele is a fantastic coach. She provided for me in my first experience with career coaching and really helped me a lot. Cannot recommend highly enough!”

Alex Ritter, Scientist

“Michele is an amazing coach! I needed a thought partner to solve a professional situation. Her thought provoking questions help me to see possible solutions and what I could influence and commit to. Talking with her was so easy and relaxing.”   

Roko Miles, Executive Director, Operational Excellence at Northeast Georgia Health System